The company RADIA Miltsakakis & Co OE. operating in Thessaloniki since 1970 manufacturing heat exchangers and cells for engines, plumbing, compressors, industrial and energy.

With modern equipment and experienced staff available can manufacture, upgrade and repair consistently and in a short time any:

water exchanger, oil, air (intercooler), Cool, and industrial cannulated winged exchangers of any size.


RADIA its premises in the Industrial Area of ​​Sindos Thessaloniki, in an area 2500m2, we have sections: design of computers, secondary, test, repair and maintenance, and a full equipped workshop.

In recent years the company invests in new raw materials and new modern equipment with robotic systems (cnc), bringing to the market new production techniques Aiming quality and fully meet customer requirements.


Certification of our work and products ISO 9001:2008
Environmentally friendly production process
Waste management and recycling metals


The fully equipped workshop of the company beyond the support offered to other production departments of the company, undertakes external works specializing in shipping. It design department CAD / CAM staffed by skilled engineers and most modern robotic machines CNC.


RADIA The company sells and provides its customers, refrigerators for cooling the vehicle engine, known by large foreign manufacturers to fully meet the market requirements.

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